Imagine not having to worry about losing your files.
IvyBackup is innovative backup software that helps you keep your files safe from data loss.

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Flexible Backup Software

Your backup software should be flexible enough to accommodate your needs.

Event Based Backup

Create a backup when your computer starts up, resumes power or when a storage device is connected.

Create Manual Backup

Create a backup with one click.

Scheduled Backup Job

Create schedules that run once or repeat daily, weekly or monthly.

Key Benefits

Here’s what makes IvyBackup unique.

It's Easy

IvyBackup has a modern and simple user interface. You'll be up and running in no time at all.

It's Fast

IvyBackup is built to be as fast as possible. It uses less computer resources than other tools.

It's Secure

IvyBackup keeps your backups safe and restorable, with backup tests and built-in encryption.

Backup Software That's Easy To Customize

Customize nearly every facet of IvyBackup to meet your backup needs.

Running Backup With Actions

Add actions that run before or after a backup – shutdown, log off or run a command.

Running Backup With Compression

Compress your backups to save storage space.

Running Backup With Filters

Include or exclude files based on file type or file size.

Running Backup With Encryption

Keep your backups secure with 256-Bit AES encryption.

Main Features

smart backups

Save time and bandwidth with differential and incremental backups; backup only the changes.

zip backups

IvyBackup uses standard ZIP files and supports Zip64 backups for very large backups.

online storage

Backup your filles to remote storage like Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive or FTP.

backup encryption

Create encrypted backups with industry standard 256-Bit AES encryption.

Mirror backups

Create regular backups. Waste no time restoring your backups, simply open the mirrored folder.

flexible backups

Create scheduled backups, event based backups or manually start your backups with a click.

actions and filters

Include or exclude files from your backups based on a series of filter rules.

backup tests

Run backup tests to verify that your backups are still valid and can be restored.

Don't just take our word for it.

"In the company where I work we needed an application that makes backup and restoration scheduled, specifically a weekly synchronization, so IvyBackup is responsible for creating backup copies of our files when you log in to the computer, working stealthily."
Erick P.
System Engineer
"Easy to systematically set up all of your backups, move them to the cloud and schedule them, based upon system trigger events. You can schedule the program to run on system start-up or wake from power/hibernate. They are secured with 256-Bit encryption, so you know they are protected."
David M.
IT Field Tech
"It is an excellent tool, very easy to use from its navigation to its configuration, all this thanks to its interface is very intuitive so the learning curve is null, allows you to automate the tasks of backup, an aspect to highlight is that it provides the ability to make backups of specific files with different options to control, modify or explore your backup list, without affecting the settings for the rest of files or folders."
Raquel G.
HR Department

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