Easier, simpler backups.

Imagine not having to worry about data loss: hard drive crashes, corrupt files or malware. Focus on keeping productive, let IvyBackup keep your data safe.

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What is IvyBackup?

IvyBackup is a stress free backup tool for Windows that makes backing up your data easy.

Backup Types

Pick and choose what works best for you.

Hard Disk

Drive Image

Create an image of your entire hard drive that includes your files, applications and operating system.

Full Backup


Creates a compressed and/or encrypted zip file of your files and folders.


Creates an exact mirror copy of your files and folders ( no compression ).

Incremental Backup


Creates a backup of only the file changes since the last full backup.

Incremental Backup


Creates a backup of only the file changes since the last backup. The last backup can be of any type.

You're in Control

Run your backup jobs manually, after a system event occurs or if you’re prefer a schedule, that works too.

Event Based Backup

Create a backup when your computer starts up, resumes power or when a storage device is connected.

Job Manager - Create Manual Backup

Run your backups manually, literally one click away.

Scheduled Backup Job

Create a backup or test schedule that runs once, daily, weekly or monthly.

Why choose IvyBackup?

No learning curve

IvyBackup has a slick and simple interface. You'll be up and running even with the default settings.

It's Fast

Hate bloated software? We do too, we're crazy about efficiency and performance, we think you'll love IvyBackup.

It's Secure

IvyBackup keeps your backups safe and restorable, with backup tests and built-in encryption.

Multiple Language Support

Customize your user interface, select from over 7 languages. Can’t find your language? Suggest a translation.











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"Very easy to use and the available options were great for a novice who had never used a backup program before. Made me feel at ease and confident."
John Halls
Self Employed - Adelaide, Australia
"Great program and fair upgrade process, that has allowed me to stay current and keep my files secured."​
David Medlin
IT Field Tech - Redding, California

Easy to Customize

Customize nearly every facet of IvyBackup to meet your backup needs.

Running Backup With Actions

Add actions that run before or after a backup – shutdown, log off or run a command.

Compress your backups to save storage space.

Running Backup With Filters

Include or exclude files based on file type or file size.

Keep your backups secure with 256-Bit AES encryption.

Ready to secure your files?