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Once you’re more familiar with working in IvyBackup, you can get around faster with keyboard shortcuts.

The following keyboard shortcuts are available:


Add JobCTRL + NCreate a new job.
Edit JobCTRL + EEdit selected job.
Delete JobDeletePermanently delete selected job.
Duplicate JobCTRL + SHIFT + DDuplicate selected job.
Rename JobCTRL + RRename selected job.
Open SourceCTRL + ALT + OOpen job source(s) in Windows Explorer.
Rush ActivityCTRL + SHIFT + RPerform the next scheduled activity right now.
Open DestinationCTRL + ALT + EOpen job destination in Windows Explorer.
Select All JobsCTRL + ASelect all jobs.


Create BackupCTRL + BCreate a backup of selected job.
Create Smart BackupCTRL + SHIFT + BCreate a smart backup of the selected job.
Delete All BackupsALT + 6Permanently delete all backups.
Delete BackupALT + 5Permanently delete selected backup.
Edit NotesALT + 1Edit backup notes.
Find BackupALT + 4Locate selected backup in Windows Explorer.
Restore BackupALT + 2Restore selected backup.
Restore FileCTRL + ALT + FRestore file from selected job.
Restore Most Recent BackupCTRL + ALT + MRestore the most recent backup of the selected job.
Select All BackupsCTRL + ASelect all backups.
Test BackupALT + 3Test selected backup.


Delete Test RecordCTRL + F4Permanently delete selected backup test.
Permanently delete selected backup test.CTRL + F5Permanently delete all backup test records.
Open Backup Test RecordCTRL + F2Open the selected backup test record.
Re-run testCTRL + F3Perform the backup test again.
Select AllCTRL + ASelect all backup tests.


Column SettingsCTRL + F7Edit report column settings.
Keyboard ShortcutsCTRL + F8View all keyboard shortcuts.
NotificationsCTRL + LView all notifications.


Export JobsCTRL + SHIFT + XExport jobs to an IvyBackup jobs file.
Import JobsCTRL + SHIFT + IImport jobs from an IvyBackup jobs file.
Minimize to trayCTRL + TMinimize IvyBackup to the system tray.
OptionsCTRL + OOpen application settings.
Silent ModeSHIFT + SToggle silent mode on/off.


HelpF1Open the help documentation.

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